1100 lbs Off-roader built by Ferrari – 1967 Ferves Ranger

Have you ever wanted an off-road multi-purpose microscopic car that is not much bigger than a lawnmower? Well, we’ve got a Ferrari truck just for you. It is a 1967 Ferves Ranger.

Ferves made his debut with the Ranger at the Turin Motor Show’s 1966 edition. The Ranger was built by Ferrari and offered as a supermini go-anywhere. The chassis of a formerly cutesy Fiat 500 was underneath the very cutesy body. The Ranger borrowed directly from the 500 its two-cylinder engine and steering and kept the location of the engine at the rear. All Rangers had manual transmissions, with a top speed of 45 miles an hour. In the suspension and braking areas, Ferves needed a little more than the 500 could offer, so they turned to the bigger brother, 600.

There were two body styles available: a four-seat passenger version, and no back seat in a cargo version. A removable windscreen, like a removable roof and doors, was a standard feature on both versions. Ferves made several changes over the Ranger’s production run, the most significant of which was the four-wheel drive addition in 1967. The door style later changed in the run as standard front-hinged versions replaced the suicide doors.

The Ranger’s production lasted until 1971. During this time, only 600 total units were produced, all of which were left-hand drive. There are approximately 50 examples left, and around 10 of those made their way to the United States.

In a beautiful shade of yellow and sports, this example is finished with a wonderful folding top that snaps into place should the weather quickly turn foul. It was under a dedicated owner’s care and presents in very good condition throughout, with only minor signs of enjoyable use showing the body, interior and engine bay. Featuring a rear-mounted spare, this Ferves Ranger is ready to handle any task at hand, whether on-or off-road, either of which it will handle with complete uniqueness.

It would be difficult to find a more charming yet capable little Ranger.

1967 Ferves Ranger 4×2 (man. 4) specs

  • Ferves Ranger 4×2 (man. 4), manufactured or sold in 1967, version for Europe
  • 2-door soft-top body type
  • RWD (rear- wheel drive), manual 4-speed gearbox
  • gasoline (petrol) engine with displacement: 499 cm3 / 30.4 cui, advertised power: 13.2 16.2 kW / 18 22 hp / 18 22 PS ( DIN SAE ), torque: 30.5 35.3 Nm / 22 26 lb-ft, more data: 1967 Ferves Ranger 4×2 (man. 4) Horsepower/Torque Curve
  • characteristic dimensions: outside length: 2635 mm / 103.7 in, width: 1450 mm / 57.1 in, wheelbase: 1335 mm / 52.6 in
  • reference weights: base curb weight: 520 kg / 1146 lbs, gross weight GVWR: 860 kg / 1896 lbs
  • how fast is this car ? top speed: 80 km/h (50 mph) (declared by factory);
  • accelerations: 0- 60 mph © s; 0- 100 km/h © s (simulation ©automobile-catalog.com); 1/4 mile drag time (402 m) 27.2© s (simulation ©automobile-catalog.com) 1967 Ferves Ranger 4×2 (man. 4) Detailed Performance Review
  • More data: 1967 Ferves Ranger 4×2 (man. 4) Specifications Review

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