With 100 million monthly games, Roblox surpasses Minecraft and Fortnite

The most famous console and PC game, as Roblox reaches 100 million monthly users, may be one you’ve never heard of.

In September 2018, the last for Fortnite placed it at 78.3 million–which is a totally distinct amount to the amount of individuals who have ever enrolled to practice the game, which is about 250 million. However, Google search information seemed to demonstrate Minecraft crossing Fortnite back in June in terms of how many are effectively practicing it right now.

There have never been any sales numbers, at least in the United Kingdom, but at least the most sale was evident. Things are much more complex now, but the present match number one might seem to be Roblox.

Many gamers have probably never even heard of Roblox, especially if they don’t have kids, but according to its makers it now has more than 100 million monthly users, which is more than the 91 million Minecraft back in March.

The issue with these statistics is that they are not frequently updated and they are generally provided by the game makers themselves, so it is difficult to understand precisely how precise they are.

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